All Tricky Sunday events will by invitation only and these will be sent out via email to all invited skippers/clubs. Within the email will be the Server Password and at times a Spectator Password.

  • Rules of Event: The rules for the events will be posted when the invites are sent out.
  • Skippers that are late arriving and do not start the first race, will NOT be allowed to start any further races for that evening.
  • Skippers registering for an event, MUST be able to start ALL races, or you will go to the bottom of the waiting list for future events.





If you have entered the event and then cannot take part, please email us and we can place a skipper that is on the waiting list. This makes the admin side easier and faster.

Please Note


Skippers that do not arrive by the start of the Lag Test for the first race, will have their place given to the skippers on the waiting list.

Tricky Sunday Now Has a LIVE RESULTS SERVICE.

Go to the results page and click the image













First gun 21:00 CET

1. Jolene (Luna)


2. Iron (Luna)


3. Overfalls long (Camster)

Skipper Waiting List

(Skippers in RED are on this list for not completing ALL the previous races)


  1. KOKOS
  2. Kiwi Bardy
  3. LG07









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