The main idea with all Tricky 1-Day events is a nice evening together with friends. The racing will begin and end the same night. Tricky 1-Day events will by invitation only and these will be sent out via email to all invited skippers/clubs.  Within the email will be the Server Password and at times a Spectator Password

  • Skippers that are late arriving and do not start the first race, will NOT be allowed to start any further races for that evening.
  • Skippers registering for an event, MUST be able to start ALL races.



 16 December 2018 - First gun 20:45 CET


Rules of Event:  World Sailing: The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020.

If you have entered the event and then cannot take part, please email us and we can place a skipper that is on the waiting list. This makes the admin side easier and faster.



Maps from Polish Open finals day 2


Race 1:  02 Wight

Race 2: 09 Quing Dao

Race 3: 03 Trinite [Medal Race]

Skipper Waiting List



  1.  Egon

tricky sunday

tricky shootout


Sailing Instructions


ShootOut is a fleet race competition consisting of five races. There will be 25, or on rare occasions, more participants. The last 4-7 skippers in each race will be eliminated until the last 5 boats fight for the victory in the fifth race.

The competition rules are complete (auto) NPC except 17.1 and 16.1. These penalties MUST be cancelled.


The winner of the two repective first stages will be granted immunity in the following race, in which the skipper must participate to stay in the regatta. This skipper cannot be eliminated and if he/she does not automatically qualify, there will be an extra boat in the next race.


The final elimination structure and the number of servers as well as the final maps, will be presented here at least 20 minuted before first start.


The registration will be open until 20:30 CET the race night. The first race will start at 20:45 CET. If skippers with the right to stay (qualifiers) ‚Äč‚Äčleave the competition, their places will be given to other skippers based on the result in the previous race. We estimate that the last race will end around midnight.


The results of the final race will be presented on Results page after the races, as well as the winner in 'Hall of Fame'. The final result among the 5 finalist skippers will be calculated as their total regatta average score (first four races) without discards + their score in the last race. Ties will be decided depending on the last race. All five average scores will be published in the chat prior to the final.

Stage 1 

"MLS Alpha"

25 boats

Stage 2 


20 boats

Stage 3 


15 boats

Stage 4 


10 boats

Stage 5 


5 boats

Maps - Elimination strucure













all maps can be downloaded from  www.......

Skipper Waiting List




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