The main idea with all Tricky 1-Day events is a nice evening together with friends. The racing will begin and end the same night. Tricky 1-Day events will by invitation only and these will be sent out via email to all invited skippers/clubs.  Within the email will be the Server Password and at times a Spectator Password

  • Skippers that are late arriving and do not start the first race, will NOT be allowed to start any further races for that evening.
  • Skippers registering for an event, MUST be able to start ALL races.



tricky sunday

17 February 2019      First gun 20:45 CET


Rules of Event: World Sailing: The Racing Rules of Sailing 2017 - 2020.

If you have entered the event and then cannot take part, please email us and we can place a skipper that is on the waiting list. This makes the admin side easier and faster.

There will be a 2' break between each race.

Live results on Home Page after each race.



Maps from Animal Pack &


Race 1:    Milkcow's Calf Blues by Goffe 

Race 2:   Down oh the farm by Goffe 

Race 3:   Sune_V4 by Yokko [La Trinité F6 twd 37]

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all maps can be downloaded from  www.......

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