Start CET 20:45

2 Races each sunday


Feb 10th, 2013. Maps: NC'10 Undertow & Come Niente Fosse


Feb. 17th, 2013. Maps: Blues League maps for following week


Feb. 24th, 2013. Maps: Blues League maps for following week


One discard in this regatta


Server name: Tricky Sunday




Please read SI




If a registered skipper is unable to attend one of the scheduled races they must send an email to


(at least one hour before the start) to advise the sailing committee that they cannot attend.


Failure to send an email will result in your place being offered to another skipper on the waiting list and you will therefore be relegated to the waiting list for future races in the event.




The rules used in this event are: ISAF rules of sailing 2013-2016, (ISAF RRS) with a few exceptions stated below.


1. Skippers may at any time protest against any other boat by writing: "P Skipper Name” in the game chat. This must ONLY be done by a skipper participating in the race, and not a spectator.


The protesting skipper must fill out a Protest Form, (PF) no later than 20:00 CET the day after the race, for the protest to be valid and examined - include the following information:


Event name:

Race date & number:

Who are you protesting? and what Rule?

Time of incident on replay:

Short explanation of Protest:

Attach Screenshot of protest in chat & any RTT call.

For a protest to be valid, you must attach a screenshot showing that "P {Boatname} was written in the chat.


Sending a replay is optional - if you want to, send to 


2. The game setting used is "Fleet race - Complete (Auto)" which enables the in-game "umpire" to give penalties to the racing skippers. If a skipper disagrees with a given penalty, he may request an in-game penalty cancellation and the penalty giving skipper MUST accept this request. But if the skipper finds the penalty correct and don’t ask for cancelation, he must complete the penalty a.s.a.p. after the situation. A skipper who requests a cancellation of a penalty MUST fill in a EF (explanation form) no later than 20:00 CET the day after the race, for the cancelation request to be valid and examined - include the following information:


Event name:

Race date & number:

Names of boats involved:

Time of incident on replay:

Short explanation of cancel request:

Attach Screenshot of any RTT call.

Attach Screenshot to the Explanation Form or email to - sending a replay is optional.



3. Redress: A boat can request redress in the following circumstances:


· If her request for a Pen Cancel is refused, or not answered.


· If her result is badly affected by another boat breaking Rule 2.


· If she is badly affected by another boat's 'ghost' which has already disconnected.



All valid protests cancel, request explanations and redress requests, will be examined by the Protest Committee (PC) after the races, using ISAF RRS. PC also has the right to review any other situation in a race where a rule might have been broken, regardless whether a PF is registered or not, and make decisions on any situation.


1. NOTE that PC will look at ALL boats involved in a penalty situation, and may disqualify boats, regardless whether they have received an in-game penalty, a protest or not.


2. If a skipper has his name written in chat with “P (skipper name)”, he can choose to except by doing the 360 turn a.s.a.p. after the protest. It is recommended that the skipper writes "360 done" in the chat after he has taken his penalty. This does not count for rule 2 protests - Any skipper, spectator or PC-member can protest under rule 2 after the race, and 360 will not do. The penalty for braking rule 2 is DNE, and the protests don’t need to be in the chat.


3. A list including all protests and pen cancel requests received in timewill be posted in the Team Tricky Winds Forum after the protest time has expired.


4. Nadeo uses an older version of the ISAF RRS addressing in-game penalties. PC uses the ISAF RRS 2013-2016, with a few exceptions due to the fact that the races are held in a simulator. The most important ones are listed here:


· Part of the boat is only hull and mast


· No general recall due to false starts


· The mark zone is 2 hull lengths


· All penalties include 1 tack and one gybe


· A skipper must complete a penalty a.s.a.p. after situation


· Skippers need to hail P “Skipper Name” in the game chat in order to protest


· Skippers need to hail “RTT” or "Room to tack" in the game chat in order to use rule 20


· Rule 41 - Outside Help: During Team Tricky Winds events, it is allowed for skippers to communicate by means such as Teamspeak.


· Rule 2 Protest: At any time after the race, a boat/team/PC can protest another boat/team under Rule 2. This changes ISAF RRS 61.1(a), since the call does not have to be right after the incident. The protested boat/team may give evidence. The evidence shall be sent within 24 hours after the protest is posted in the forum.


5. Protest decisions: The protest decisions will be published in the Team Tricky Wind Forum when PC has evaluated all situations. The PC decisions are final and cannot be appealed.


Rule 2: This rule regulates fair, honest and sportive sailing. Basically we can divide it into 3 parts:


· You should not deliberately break a rule. A typical example is a windward boat at the start line or as port boat at the windward mark. Instead of breaking a rule, you have to accept now and then to be early over the start line, or to pass behind the entire fleet at the top mark. Screwing up others race is not an option!


If you know you have broken a rule (or should have known...), then you should voluntarily take a penalty. Even if VSK does not give a penalty to you. For example when port hits starboard with the mast, which VSK ignores consistently. If you don’t voluntarily take the pen, you might break rule 2.


· Choose your words carefully in the heat of the action. Insults directed at a particular skipper is broadcasted to everybody in the race...


Protest Committee


Team Tricky Winds

PC decides on the spot after race

PC decides on the spot after race

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