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Coloured Instrument Set

The VSK5 Default Boat is seen when you are playing online and you have not yet downloaded the other player's skin.   It has opaque white sails which makes it difficult to see the buoys etc when you are at close quarters.   To make the sails transparent, you can download an installer from here for the files that control how the sails look.

Click the picture and download the installer. Save it & then run it. When you run the installer, you will be asked to select which version of VSK that you have on your PC.

Note: This installer will put the files in the default game version location on your C: drive, so if you have installed the game on another drive or location, you will have to retrieve the files & move them to your custom location.

Puff & Lull:


You can make the wind puffs & lulls on the water more obvious by changing the contrast in the file that controls this.   You will find this file in the folder  Program Files \ Your Game Version\ GameData \ Common \ Media \ Texture \ Image. 


Click here or the image above to download an installer for the new Puff & Lull file.   This file was updated 20th April 2013.


With some computers (Laptops it seems), the Puffs & Lulls dont display well with this changed file. If you want to return to the original Nadeo File, then download the following installer which will replace the new one with the original file.


Click here to download an installer for the original Nadeo Puff & Lull file.

Replacing Original Nadeo Acc Skins

A Mod that installs modified Nadeo Skins with transparent sails that you alone will see.

It only works for the skipper who has the mod installed. He will see the modified skins.

Installing it on your PC will not affect how your skins are seen by everyone else.


To insert clear Nadeo Skins follow this processMethod: Dont miss out any steps!


1. Go to the Nadeo Acc Skin File Location - c:\Program Files (x86)\[Game Version]\Game Data\Skins\Boats\Acc . Make a backup copy of all the skin zip files that are there, in case you want to go back to them in the future.


2. Go to the Cache - This is in c:\ProgramData\[Game version]\Cache. You need to enable 'Show Hidden Files' via the Windows Control Panel to see the Cache Folder. Delete all files in the Cache Folder after reading the '* Note' above.


3. Download the Checksum File Installer. Unpack the zip and run the exe file, specifying which game version you use.


4. Download both sets of the original skins - Original Nadeo Skins 32AC and Original Nadeo Skins VSK . Unpack and run both the installers to replace your current set of nadeo skins.


5. Launch VSK and go online. Go to the lobby but dont join a game server. Then close VSK.


6. Download the New Nadeo Skins Installer. Unpack the zip and run the exe file, specifying which game version you use. This will place the new skins in the correct place and you should see them in the game instead of the Nadeo originals

To download auto map click here.

 For it to work in VSK run the AutoHotkey as any other hotkey


Successful hosting needs a stable fast (Broadband/adsl) internet connection.  Use a wired connection rather than Wi-fi.

You need to change the settings of your Router in order to allow hosting - this is called 'Port Forwarding'. VSK info comes and goes via ports 2350 and 3450. You need to tell the router to direct traffic on these ports to go to your computers IP address - this is the 'Local' IP address and it's different from the Router's own IP address.

Port Forwarding:

Each make of router has slightly different ways to do this. It's done via the web admin page of the Router. Some routers will recognise your computer by name. Others require that you tell the router the local IP address of the computer. If you need to tell the router the IP address, you will need make this address static, so that it does not change - otherrwise, the address will change each time to restart the computer.

You can find instructions for Port Forwarding at

a great site for help with this.

I made a tutorial video showing Port Forwarding for a BT Home Hub router. In this example, I have been able to identify the computer by name, so I haven't needed to make the Local IP address static. Other Routers will forward ports to the computer by using the IP address and in this case you will need to make the Local IP address Static .

Graphics Problems with new Systems

Problems with the VSK Graphics have been reported by VSK Players when they bought new PCs or Graphic Cards. Also this has happened when new Graphic drivers or Windows 10 has been installed. A solution has been finally found, thanks to 'Raskil' who posted several helpful posts on the official Nadeo VSK forum. The following information is taken from posts made by 'Raskil' on this forum. The topic can be found here ...

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